Maybe you have seen how many big cities celebrate Luna New Year, however, how do people in Vietnam rural areas do it? Are there any differences? Let enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Luna New Year in Vietnam!

Apricot blossom

People usually put a pot of Apricot blossom at the front of their home to welcome new year. In the southern Vietnam, you can see
Apricot blossom everywhere. It is the symbol flower of Tet holiday in Vietnam. However, in the northern Vietnam, peach flower is displayed every where.

A small market in the rural

A small market is operated along the street. The traffic is so light here so there is no worry about traffic jam or accidents. They sell everything from clothes to food on the street. The supermarket is only in big cities. You cannot find one or a convenient store in the rural.

Preparing food for Tet

When a family celebrates Tet (Luna new year in Vietnam), people usually invite friends and relatives to their home. They prepare some traditional food for invitees.

Tet is a chance for members in the family to reunion. Some of the members live and work far away from home. They rarely meet each other because of work. Some people in rural areas have to travel to big cities like Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi to find a job. However, some enjoy the life in the rural and stay rather than working far from home.

Men sitting at the tables on Tet holiday outside the street

People can use the spaces in front of their houses to place tables with food. People will get together and celebrate new year.

Food is on the bed (which is used as a table on this occasion.
Food is presented outside the street on the table
If you invite a lot people, you will need a lot tables.

If you celebrate “big Tet”, it means you invite a lot of people to your home which looks like a small party.

It cannot cover all the aspect of Tet in Vietnam. However, I hope you will enjoy it. These pictures are taken in 2019, maybe I will update some more beautiful pictures next years.

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